Sudoku N-Gage Klon

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Sudoku ngage.jpg


1) over 8,000,000 built-in puzzles with real "solution"

2) game stopwatch timer or step counter function.

3) wtih memory function can save and recall up to 5 your favorite board.

4) can be set and save the new board that provide by newspaper or web.

5) can be select new game or countunues play previous board after turn on unit.

6)twinkling cursor display currently position in order to move convenience.

7) hints function selectable for logical checking of each steps, it will show up by flashing if the number is duplicated.

8) functions: Timer/check/save/recall/memory/replay/clear/sound/undo/learn/help/sleep

9) uses 3 x AAA,1.5v batteries

10) size:142 x 73 x 25mm